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Combat Heat Stress

How Fans Improve Employee Safety, Productivity, and Comfort

Why Is Heat A Problem?

Prolonged and repeated exposure to heat is a safety concern and can lead to serious heat-related illness. Big Ass fans are a proven energy-efficient way to reduce heat exposure and provide a safer and more comfortable working environment.

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Big Ass Fans Benefits

Directly lower temp by up to 33 °F

reduce productivity loss by 59%

Save up to 6% on your energy costs

keep heat stress at bay

You can bet the next round of governmental heat stress requirements and regulatory changes to further protect employees and keep them safe during extreme heat. Stay safe, comfortable, and OSHA-compliant with Big Ass Fans’ premium range of cooling solutions. From large overhead fans and portable directional fans to powerful evaporative coolers, we have what it takes to boost employee comfort, productivity, and retention through even the hottest summer days.



In both 2018 and 2019, there were more heat-related deaths in the line of work than in any single prior year dating back to 2011.*  1,940 cases of employees being exposed to excessive environmental heat were reported in 2020 alone**, many of those causing missed days from work and even worker compensation claims. For reference, that's almost $80,000 an employer could be liable to pay according to OSHA's "Safety Pays" calculator when accounting for heat prostration as the injury type.

That’s why maintaining thermal comfort in these conditions is important. Nothing improves thermal comfort, and keeps employees safer, better than cooling airflow.

Why Use Big Ass Fans For This?

Cool-Space evaporative coolers leverage the thermal properties of water to reduce the dry-bulb air temperature of the air they deliver. All Big Ass Fans products are incredibly effective, energy-efficient, and they are not loud like other industrial fans. Big Ass fans can often replace multiple existing fans, saving critical floor space and reducing clutter.


How fans make workers feel much cooler

Big Ass fans create airflow that quickly evaporates perspiration from the skin, carrying away heat. They also reduce the thickness of hot, humid air that builds up around workers. This improves heat dissipation and helps people’s natural cooling mechanisms to function more efficiently. 

A common misconception is that fans don’t provide a cooling benefit when the air is above 96 degrees Fahrenheit. As long as the person is sweating and the air isn’t 100% saturated with humidity, airflow from fans can still provide evaporative cooling, a superior alternative to air conditioning that cools the air by evaporating water via cooling units connected to a series of outlets or ducts strategically placed throughout a building.

the payoff

For a limited time, Big Ass Fans is offering complimentary on-site facility surveys with custom building airflow analysis (Speclab®.) Contact us today for your custom-tailored solution. Call 877-244-3267 to speak with a Big Ass Fans Expert today.